good stuff | after they fall asleep

Remember when your children were little and you would look in after they've fallen asleep? Do you still do that? Check in on them, tuck them in, fix their blankets...

Just because they're 14 it doesn't mean you have to stop. In fact, if you get the chance, there might even be a good story to tell.

why I love this image

This image tells such a great story for my little family. I love that my son fell asleep with his light on, that tells me he was pretty beat, staying up later than he (and probably I) intended. I love seeing his football cards, all organized in their sleeves and carefully arranged for him to look at and study. I love thinking about this big kid, so happy that I've had the opportunity to watch him grow in to this football loving teen. I love that his white bear from before he was born still has a spot in his room and is perfectly illuminated by the light.

What everyday things can you document today?

xo, c