I’ve always loved photography. I’ve loved telling the stories of my life, the lives of those that I love and the lives of my clients. The most important part of a photograph for me isn’t the technical qualities…it’s the story that it tells, the emotions that it makes you feel when you look at it. I want to look at an image and wonder what the people were thinking about…what is their life like? And when I’m old I want to look back at these images and know that I lived.


the everyday

There is a story in the every day that is so important to tell. The little moments that you know you’ll remember forever…but slowly those solid memories fade and you’re left wondering what you did to fill your days when you had a house full of kids.


52 weeks with teens

Join us in the 52 weeks of documenting your every day life with teens…yes, teens. Those hard to photograph little people that once loved your camera. The same ones that might be taking a million selfies but cringe when you try and take a photo of them.


tips + tricks

Struggling to find ways to document your life? What kind of camera you need? How to learn how to take technically perfect images? How do you quickly edit phone images for Instagram? We’ve got all of the ways to help make your life easier.