all about memory keeping

I've written posts before on the Carrie Owens Photography blog about Project Life and scrapbooking and I'm excited to start bringing those posts here to this blog and continuing to share my memory keeping thoughts and ideas and where I find my inspiration. Don't know what Project Life is? Go check out Becky Higgins and her blog for more info!

I've been an on again off again scrapbooker for over 15 years and whenever I'm away from it, I really do miss it. I remember hearing from other people when I was very involved with memory keeping about how great it was for me that I had so much time to devote to scrapbooking. I remember thinking then that I don't have any more time than other people, it's just something that I love so I carve out time to make it happen. As my kids have grown and we've gotten busier and busier I've found myself looking at my friend's scrapbooking projects online and thinking "man, I wish I still had the time for that". Guess what? I do. I just stopped making the time. And sometimes I'm ok with that and other times I know that I need to focus and get back to telling the stories of my family.

why is memory keeping important?

Well, first of all...maybe it isn't to you. And that's ok...kind of. Maybe you aren't the type who wants pages and pages of albums of the past. Maybe you don't see the point in all of it, maybe you don't think you're creative enough for that cut and paste nonsense. I'm not sure what your reason is, but I do feel that some type of memory keeping/storytelling is important. Even if it's only with photographs...if you print them. I think for me, that's my big reason right now. I know that in 20 years my kids aren't going to want to look through old external hard drives and other media storage to share the memories of their pasts with their loved ones. I think they'll be thrilled to share the Blurb books that my mother makes as well as the albums that I have made.

Above are some images that I've posted in the past of my Project Life pages and I'll be photographing and posting more of those pages in the months to come. If you're looking for some inspiration about scrapbooking and Project Life, I have a few Pinterest boards set up with some great inspiration:

If you're a scrapbooker where do you look for your inspiration? Pinterest is my favorite resource but there are also a lot of great bloggers out there with some beautiful work and the Project Life Creative Team  and Designers is a great place to start.

xo, c