good work | my scrapbooking desk

As I've been working on getting my Week In The Life album set up my desk tends to get a little...cluttered.

But it's the good clutter. Creative clutter. I'm a big fan of that.

Anyone else getting excited about the week in the life project by Ali Edwards that starts next week? I've got my album almost all set up, I've looked through my schedule for next week (school starts!!) and have printed out my daily sheets. I'm ready. Who's with me??

As for my desks in my office, I'm pretty lucky to have two desks. One for photography work and one for scrapbooking and other paper stuff. I love having my office right off of the kitchen so when I need to be cooking or cleaning I can quickly slip into my office to get some things done at the same time. Yay for multitasking mommas.

xo, c

ps...if you want to see a tour of my office, check out this post about the tour of my home office on the Carrie Owens Photography blog.