good spot | the front room

Once upon a time there was a glass base lamp that I loved at IKEA. I owned that lamp for maybe a month and then...boys. Kids were playing ball or throwing pillows and crash, that lamp died. I was so sad, but knew that I had kind of been pushing my luck anyway. So it was replaced with a similar lamp that wasn't quite as pretty but was more sensible for the space.

And then, while at Target with my mom recently we spotted the most beautiful glass base lamp. Perfect for between the two chairs in my front room that were my grandmother's that I just can't seem to replace. Giving the room just the right amount of light and a little bit of sparkle from the glass. I'm in love again.

No playing ball in the house, please.

Do you have a favorite little spot in your house that makes you happy when you walk by? Take a moment this week to look closely at the spaces in your home that make you smile. Grab your camera or your phone and snap a photo. Tastes change, kids break lamps, and time moves quickly. While taking photos of the people that we love is important, it's also so important to document our environment. I love looking back on images from my childhood to see the items in the background and I imagine that your children and you will, too.

xo, c