08 | water intake for self care

This one is simple and so very basic. Water.


You must get enough water every day to feel your very best. And self care is all about feeling your very best, setting yourself up for success every day. How much water do you think you need? More than you’re currently getting, I would bet. Take your body weight in pounds and divide in half…that’s the number of ounces that you should be targeting every day.


  1. Eliminates the toxins in your body - flush all that gunk out of your body…all those trips to the restroom are good for you.

  2. Hydrates your brain and wakes you up - no more foggy morning brain when you get a glass in just as you wake up every day.

  3. Hydrates your skin from the inside - plump that skin up, keep it smooth and soft, thank me later.

  4. Give yourself that feeling of being full - often when you think you’re hungry you’re just thirsty. Drink those glasses of water and start walking away from the cookies.

  5. Amazing for your joints, aches and pains - keep your fluid intake up and give your insides the best chance at being its healthy self.

What do you love about the days when you get all of your water in? Do you o it every day? Can you tell the difference? I know that I can. I feel fuller longer, my skin feels softer and clearer and I have more energy - also more steps from all of the trips to the restroom.



  1. Drink one glass as soon as you get up in the morning - before your brain even knows what’s going on, you’re a good 8 ounces in. Side benefit is that it gets your body moving and wakes you up right away. Win win.

  2. Drink a glass - large glass - with every meal or snack (also, drink a glass before your meal, helps you slow down with the food intake). Helps with digestion and it’s really the only thing you need to be drinking. Say no to the soda - it doesn’t count.

  3. Set reminders on your phone for various times every day - don’t let “busy” get in your way of getting hydrated. Put a checklist in your planner every day or tally marks on your bottle - figure out what works the best for you and stick to it.

  4. Add a drop or two of a food safe essential oil or some fresh fruits to your water for a little bit of variety.

  5. Find a water bottle that you love and carry it with you everywhere you go. We’re a big fans of hydroflasks here, but I also love my plastic tumbler for plain ice water. Whatever makes it easier for you to get those ounces.

What’s your biggest tip to make sure you get your water in every day? Do you struggle getting in the ounces? Do you tell yourself that the CokeZero counts as water too? You’re wrong, my dear. Get the pure basic water into your system every day. Your body will thank you.