08 | bring them along

As your kids get older they are often so much more independent. They have their own schedules and their own desires…and they are less likely to be willing to run errands with you. And maybe you resist taking them with you. But rethink that if you will.


It seems so silly but a quick trip to the grocery store is a great way to spend a little one on one time with your teen. Ask for their advice on food choices for the family and chat with them about their day and what’s been going on in their world. Talk to them about how shopping was with them when they were little. Talk about little every day things…and grab a photo. You likely used to take photos of them in the cart…now get a photo of your giant kid as he takes the cart away from you.


Do you have a job or hobby that you love? Something that you can bring your kids along with you? If your kid shows interest…or even if they aren’t sure…bring them along. It gives you another chance to connect with them. To teach them and to learn from them. Get photos as they are trying something new and allow for them to help you.


There are little moments all around you, don’t let them pass you by…observe and look closer. See what magic you can find in your everyday.