03 | what to document about your teen

When the kids are little it is so easy to know what to document - every little thing feels like a huge milestone. When they venture into the teen world everything seems to mix together. We get the big moments (learners permit and first day of school type stuff) but we often forget the everyday stuff. These are the things that their memories are made of. These are the things we will want to remember when they’re out on their own.


ideas on what to document about your teen

Documenting the everyday little details can be daunting…what to you take a photo of? What do you do with that photo? My kid doesn’t want their photo taken…on and on. With this handy list, you should have a great starting point on things to be looking for when you’re thinking of documenting the everyday life of your teen. Something to remember and remind yourself…all of these photos are not meant to be posted online. These are for your memories and to document the lives of your loved ones…don’t use these images to embarrass your teen or to make them uncomfortable. Get them on your side with photographing these little everyday details.

01| home life

  1. bedroom

  2. what they do for fun

  3. sibling life at home

  4. sleep schedule

  5. eating habits

02| school life

  1. how they get there

  2. what they wear

  3. where they study

  4. their course load

  5. their grades

03| social life

  1. their friends

  2. what they do for fun outside the home

  3. sports or clubs

  4. dances or other after school activities'

  5. what the family does together

04| happy moments

  1. birthdays

  2. drivers license

  3. graduation

  4. winning moments in sports or other activities

  5. big accomplishments

05| hard moments

  1. losing moments in sports or other activities

  2. when things don’t go as planned

  3. messes

  4. sickness

  5. all of the “lasts”

This is not a complete list (there are so many things to photograph and document!) but hopefully it gives you some ideas on the areas that you need to be looking…and make sure you’re looking at those situations for ways to document the tiny details as well as the broad overall feel of the moment. We will dig into ways to do just that as we get deeper into each subject in the coming weeks.