planner love + happy new year

It’s that time of year - I love it! I love all of the things about the new year. People always say that there’s nothing special about January 1st, that you can make a change any time and any day. They are 100% correct - but for me, there is still something magical about the first of the year.


It’s amazing to me to thing that the things that I’m going to be doing at the end of this same year may look nothing like what I imagine today. That’s ok, life is full of changes. But I like to plan and prepare the best that I can. So much so, in fact, that I often over plan…or intend to over plan. I have always looked for that perfect planner, that perfect idea on how to set and achieve goals that I often find myself in a continuous planning loop without actually doing the work that I’m planning. Of course soon comes disappointment or discouragement or thoughts that maybe my idea isn’t good enough when it’s really just that perhaps I gave up before it got really good. But still…I plan. Because some planning and hoping and trying is better than nothing in my book. I also really love to highlight tasks once they are finished. Even if I write them in just to cross them out.

My planner of choice is the Get To Work Book by Elise Cripe (one of my favorite bloggers and instagrammers and overall super creative talented types) and you can see from my post about planners back in 2017 I’ve been using it for a few years.

How I use the planner

Once I get my new planner, I take some time and write down all of the things that are a “given” in my little world with a good pen and some alone time. I use the Sharpie pen in fine or medium (I prefer fine) and sometimes I will add in other colors for certain things (like blog calendar info). Then I start filling in all that I know on the monthly pages:

  1. Things that happen every year like birthdays and anniversaries that I need to make sure to remember.

  2. Dates of things like vacations and school days off (and start and end dates)

  3. Any sporting events that I know ahead of time (sometimes I know these things, sometimes I don’t and then I’ll just add when they become available).

  4. My blog posts that I have planned out using my blog planner (this keeps me accountable and also reminds me of things that I need to get photographed or purchased for upcoming posts).

After those items are entered in I will often go to the the weekly pages for January (or the upcoming month) and start filling in certain things that I know that I need to do daily (water, vitamins, instagram posts, blog posts, etc). I like having these on the actual days so that it gives me something to highlight when they are done and also keeps me on track. I will also go in and enter dates from the monthly calendar now so that I can write down any tasks/to do lists that coordinate with those events.

There are also some awesome project pages and reflection pages in the planner that I use every month as well. These are perfect for mapping out a big project you’re working on into smaller, bite sized pieces so that you can actually start tackling your to do list without being completely overwhelmed.

2018-10-27 12.57.53 1.jpg

As I mentioned above I love crossing things off my list, but it wasn’t until I saw someone else’s planner that used a yellow highlighter to run through each item that they had finished that I tried that method. I love it and think that it’s such a great way to get a quick reminder of the things that you’ve accomplished in your day.

Do you use a planner? Digital or paper? What is your favorite and why? If you’re looking for a little inspiration for your Get To Work Book, check out the instagram #gettoworkbook for some great ideas.


the psk | will I really use them all?

Yes. Yes you will.

I remember a year ago when my Premium Starter Kit arrived with all of the oils and the information and I was a bit overwhelmed. I remember thinking…what on earth am I going to do with all of these oils? I really just wanted to find a couple that might help support the sleep issues that I had been having (my entire life). But I was also excited. I was excited that our family was taking steps to add this healthy aspect to our lives. I really had no idea where we were headed.


The oils were each used for various things - I used them to diffuse in the various diffusers in the house (as I quickly realized one diffuser was not going to be enough), I used them to make rollers and used them in teas. I used them topically to relieve strain in my joints from too many photo sessions. I used them on dryer balls to replace the dryer sheets that I had used my whole life. I began to use them in my water and to roll them on my face for skin support. Eventually I found that I needed to replace these little bottles one by one and started adding new and different bottles to our collection…my drawer full of empties is pretty impressive.


what can you use the oils for?

There are so many things that these oils can be used for, some of the different ways that my family has been able to see benefits from the oils.

  • sleep support: Lavender, Stress Away, Copaiba

  • skin support: Lavender, Frankincense

  • immune support: Lemon, Thieves, Frankincense

  • muscle/joint support: PanAway, Cppaiba

  • emotional support: Frankincense, Peppermint, Stress Away

  • digestive support: Copaiba, DiGize, Peppermint


Diffuse them, apply them topically, use them internally - but only the Vitality Oils! Here are a few sample diffuser blend with your Starter Kit oils - be sure to experiment, there are lots of ways to use these oils for your family.


There are two little red packets of Ningxia Red and a little yellow packet of Thieves Household Cleaner. Do not throw these out and do not leave them in the bottom of your kit (don’t forget - there are two levels to your Premium Starter Kit - there is so much goodness in that bottom layer!). Pop the two red packets into your fridge and enjoy them cold - over ice, mixed with a sparkling beverage (some people love LaCroix with theirs) or just plain - the benefits are amazing and you should really make the effort to get Ningxia into your family’s daily routine. Even my pickiest little one drinks it.

Go grab that yellow packet and a 16 ounce spray bottle and dilute it in water for the safest, nicest smelling household cleaner you have ever tried. We use this for everything in our home now - mixed with varying amounts of water or other products it makes the best cleaner for all of your needs.

There is a little black roller fitament and lid in your bottom tray as well - pop that baby on the oil of your choice and roll on the goodness. I use a roller top (you can purchase more through Young Living) on my Lavender, my Frankincense and Stress Away (and many other non-starter kit oils).

Best of all…your kit comes with a wholesale membership to Young Living. That’s right. 24% off retail on all of the best products for your home and family.


If you have a Premium Starter kit that you haven’t gotten the full use out of yet it is time to pull it out and start trying things. The best way to get the full benefits of the oils is to use them daily. Consistency is the key here. Create routines around the oils and you will start seeing the most amazing results. If you have yet to get your own Premium Starter Kit now is the perfect time…trust me, you want this in your life.

I can’t wait to start this journey with you.


01 | all about self care

What does self care mean to you?


Everyone is talking about it these days, self care is all the rage. But everyone is right. It’s the same as when you’re on an airplane for the safety speech and they tell you to secure your mask before you try and help others. You’re really no use to help others succeed if you aren’t taking care of yourself. As mothers we often feel like there are so many things that must get done (and there are) and that we’re the only ones who can do it all (and we’re not). Taking care of yourself and making time to make YOU a priority is vital to your own long term success in life.


Today marks the first week in a series here on the blog that’s all about self care and the different ways that you can incorporate it into your life. Not every idea will resonate with you but the hope is that over time you will begin to create or enhance your own routines and methods of self care.

For me, self care comes in three areas: mind + body + soul/spirit. I tend to get tunnel focused in my life and will focus heavily in one area while letting the other areas slide. This year my goal is to work slow and steady and try and elevate each area while attacking my goals and dreams to continue towards being the person that I desire to be. Over the following weeks each topic will play into one or more of these areas but for now, here are some thoughts on each one.

Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.
— Katie Reed


The following are some of the ways that you can incorporate self care for your mind into your life:

  1. reading fiction or non fiction books without distraction

  2. learning something new

  3. limiting screen time

  4. creating time for goal setting/planning

  5. social media detox



The following are some of the ways that you can incorporate self care for your body into your life:

  1. being conscious of the food and drinks that you allow into your body

  2. giving yourself adequate outdoor time

  3. moving your body more with exercise or other activities that you enjoy

  4. ensuring that you allow yourself time to get adequate sleep

  5. taking excellent care of your skin



The following are some of the ways that you can incorporate self care for your soul or spirit into your life:

  1. finding time for something that you love to do

  2. making the time for a gratitude journal every day

  3. surrounding yourself with like minded and positive people

  4. creating time in your day to focus on you (there’s time somewhere, you just need to find it)

  5. listening to music that you enjoy


Now what? Now it’s time to think about you…what do you love about where you are and what areas do you think you want to make some changes? Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to make a thousand changes all at once, but do get a clear picture on where you want to be and start making small and meaningful changes daily.


What areas of self care do you need to focus on in your life? Is there a particular element that is lacking in your life? What are some topics that you would like to see explored deeper in this series? Drop a note in the comments and we’ll make sure that it’s addressed in the coming year.


the premium starter kit | young living

Once I jumped in - I was in. I was so excited to get the Premium Starter Kit. I really had no idea what I was doing or where this would lead me, but I knew it was right for me and my family. I had tried to find some oils at different stores around town, but I really had no clue how to begin to get the full benefits of these little bottles. Young Living and the Premium Starter Kit and my team made everything so easy for me.


When the PSK arrived at my door, I dug in and began reading everything I could about these cute little bottles…but it really came down to just looking at what I needed at a particular moment and grabbing the oil that most closely matched my need. And the best thing is that these oils can do so many things…not just the one or two things that is listed below. Each oil is my favorite for so many different reasons.


why would someone want the PSK?

If you’re looking to get started with Essential Oils many people ask…why Young Living and why get a kit? Can’t I just get the oil that I want here and there? Well..that’s a pretty loaded question.

  • why Young Living? For me…I loved what they stood for, I loved the company mission and their Seed To Seal Promise. I knew that the oils I was going to be bringing into my home were the best that I could find. And I loved that they had such a wide variety of oils, blends and other products (hello Thieves!!).

  • why the kit? There are so many reasons, but the biggest really is the value. The price is amazing and you get a diffuser, 11 5ml bottles of oils, 2 sachets of NingXia Red (you’ll love it!) and a 1-ounce sample packet of Thieves Household Cleaner…and a wholesale membership which gives you 24% savings on future orders.

HOW TO USE your oils?

There are so many ways to use your oils - we use ours everyday.

  • Topically - Follow the bottle’s dilution recommendations. Use a carrier oil if needed, apply with your fingers or a roller bottle.

  • Aromatically - Directly inhale from the bottle. Use a few drops in your diffuser. Put 1-2 drops on a cotton ball and place in car vents or home air vents.

  • Internally - Put several drops of oils from our Vitality Line into an empty vegetable capsule and take with water. Add a few drops to a glass of water (I love Grapefruit Vitality in my HydroFlask!)

Do I have to do the business?

Nope. So many people get the PSK and simply use the membership to continue to get their oils each month, get freebies and earn points towards free oils…that’s totally ok! I hadn’t planned on doing the business side at all, but naturally sharing these oils and their great benefits has given me the opportunity learn so much and has given me a little extra income - I can’t really say no to that!



are you ready to get started yourself?

I would love to have you on our team - when you get your Premium Starter Kit you gt a community to help you along the way. A place to ask questions, giveaways and other great incentives and maybe even some new friends along the way. I’ll send out a welcome packet with great information to help you get started…I can’t wait to help you on your wellness journey!

SIGN UP LINK - enroller/sponsor number: 13871676


instagram recap | september 2018

This past year has been crazy and busy and full of new things and somewhere along the way I stopped documenting our lives quite as much. The kids are all so busy - often out doing their own things…so what do I take photos of now? I’ve been trying to work on making more of an effort this past month but I can see that I’m still falling short of where I want to be. This month (hello October!!) I’m looking forward to a new month with new goals on getting the images of our daily lives that I love.


Why is documenting our daily lives so important to me? I often forget these days, or just think that it’s ok not to take the photo or make the post. But when I look back at a series like the one I did 4 years ago on my Carrie Owens Photography blog (31 days of documenting your everyday life) I see so many amazing things that I’m grateful that we have the images that I would take of the family. Do my kids get tired of me asking to take their photos? Maybe. But I know that they appreciate it, it’s a little reminder to them that they are important. That their story is important. And it is.

For October my goal is to post something on my instagram (carrieowensdaily) of our daily life everyday. Which means a lot of football and polo and basketball. And a lot of days of me at home working or out doing “boring stuff”. The challenge that I am giving myself and would like to challenge you is to look for the little things in the everyday. The things that you will for sure forget in a couple of years time. Capture the big moments, of course, but look for the in between moments. What little details tell the story of your everyday life in October of 2018? I’m excited to tell the story of our next 31 days.

happy instagramming,


what I'm reading | business

Business books and self improvement books are my very favorite kinds of books. I used to be a huge fiction reader - especially mysteries - but the last several years have me reaching for goal driven books that give me something to work towards. Some of the latest books on my shelf...


The You Are a Badass books are next up on my reading list - there's both the regular one and You Are a Badass at Making Money - how could I pass that one up?? I've loved The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and The 5 Sencond Rule by Mel Robbins...perhaps two of my very favorites. Have you read Elise Cripe's book on 100 Pep Talks - a book she wrote from an instagram series she did a while back. It's a great quick read with a ton of really awesome nuggets of goal driven advice.

What business and goal books are your favorite? Are you a physical book reader, a kindle reader or do you love the audio books?

Happy Reading!

all about the oils | wellness

It all started with Christmas presents to my sister and I. We were at Costco together and saw essential oil diffusers that we both wanted so we decided to gift them to each other for Christmas. Once I opened it and started diffusing, I knew I loved the idea. I loved the fresh scents and I loved the idea of the oils. I started doing a little Facebook research (the best kind) and got my friend's opinions on the different kinds of oils. I did my own research as well and knew the direction that I wanted to go.


A friend reached out to me about Young Living and I decided to purchase the Premium Starter Kit. Once the box arrived with all of the different oils and a diffuser for my office I knew I was hooked. While I had been waiting for the kit to arrive, I had already purchased a diffuser for the bedroom and now we have them in most of the rooms that we spend any kind of time in...we love them. The whole family is hooked.


The diffuser by the bed has helped me relax and fall asleep faster than I've ever been able to before. I've always been horrible at falling asleep, sometimes laying there for hours wishing it was just time to get up already. I am now able to get into bed and relax for a few minutes before I'm ready to curl up and fall asleep...into a much more restful sleep than I'm used to. 

We use the oils in our home for many things these days, trying out different combinations for the diffuser, coming up with roller recipes and other ways that we can bring the oils into our lives. My sister is fully on board as well and is so excited about making all the sugar scrubs and lip balms and fighting off the sicknesses with her Thieves tea.


As this blog is all about my life and the things that bring it joy - there will be more posts about oils and overall wellness as we continue on this journey. I would love to answer any questions that you might have and am excited to share recipes and ideas along with the design, photography and memory keeping posts that are usually here on the blog.

Happy Oil-ing

one little word | january 2018

The One Little Word project is from Ali Edwards and more information can be found on her blog here. There are many other people who follow a similar idea in choosing a guiding word for you for the year, rather than a resolution. I love this project and each year I choose a word. Some years I carry that word with me throughout the year and others it simply fades in and out. This year I have chosen a word and am following along in Ali's workshop with her designed prompts. I am looking forward to sharing my progress here on the blog in the year to come.


how does the word [home] translate for me?

For me, home doesn't just mean my house, where I live. It means more than that to me and there are many ways in which I will use this word in 2018 to drive my goals and intentions.

home | a place where one flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates.

PHYSICAL | house
WORK | businesses
SPIRITUAL | wellness
EMOTIONAL | family

Within each of those categories and areas above, there are many facets that I want to explore and am excited to get moving with. 

32 VB.jpg

I love that quote above and need to keep reminding myself of that daily. Give myself grace as I work towards my goal and understand that progress (any progress) is good...and keeps me motivated to continue on.

My One Little Word album progress for January

title page

I'm loving this process so far and working towards my goals with intention. I've already started working though my February prompts and I'm excited to get that one finished as well. 


instagram recap | january 2018

I've always been a huge fan of documenting our daily lives. As the kids have gotten older, the photos tend to get fewer and farther in between...but the moments are still happening. I think that it is so important to keep taking those photos - even if they are mostly of the same things each day - and to really work on stretching myself to see these daily little pieces of our lives for the truly amazing moments that they are.

There is a lot of basketball in those photos - and swimming. This month I really want to work on getting images that tell a different story about those events. Getting out of my comfort zone. What angles do I need to take, how close up should I get - what little details can I capture? What will best show our lives as they are at this moment.

The thing that I'm most excited about these that they're printed (along with others) and going into my Project Life album for 2018. Not only is it important to take the images, but it's so important that they live outside of my phone and instagram.

Happy photo taking + life documenting - get out there and see how you can tell the story of your family today!


why I love the one second every day app

Have you heard of this app? It's really and truly wonderful. I remember seeing a friend of mine using it a couple of years ago and I thought how cool it was...but I was sure I could never keep up. I later saw another friend's finished video from her 2015 year and it was simply amazing. I knew that it was something that I had to try for 2016.

Watch my 2016 video below...with sound and you'll even hear snipits of voices and laughter.

There are a lot of days that seem the same in our to school, kids to practice, mealtime and homework. There are many days that we're up and out of the house when it's still dark and home from practice after dark...there are many days where I do wonder if we're really capturing anything with the silly little one second. And then I sit back and watch the video above and I'm so grateful that I make the effort. And when I hear that my daughter logs into Facebook just to watch it...that makes me happy too.

If you get a moment, check out the website, download the app to your preferred device (your phone...although I do have it on my tablet also as my devices are linked) and give it a try. There's a great support and idea group on Facebook and so many great things that you can do with this project.


  • Use the inspiration that you see on the site and other videos that you see online, but don't get too caught up in being perfect...the whole idea here is to start.

  • Just start. Don't feel bad that you didn't start on January 1st...don't think you need to wait until the 1st of the next month. Just download the app and start today.

  • Stay consistent with your video orientation...I always shoot in landscape mode.

  • You can choose 1.5 seconds or 1 second per day

  • You can add titles and music over your finished product, mine is pretty raw (I'd love to take the time to add a title) but I love the little voices that I hear throughout the video, so for me for now, no music.

  • You can use the app to create custom "freestyle" videos - think about a video of snitpits of your vacation, or a sports season or any other great event in your life. You can have several timelines going at once and create some really awesome projects.

  • Get your kids and family involved. My kids know when I pull out my phone (especially in landscape mode) that I'm taking a video. Sometimes I get the hand in front of the face and other times I get great cooperation. Both are good - that's where we are in life right now. I also have kids asking at times - "what will you do today for your 1 second?" It's great to get them to buy in.

I would love to see what you come up with for your video or if you have any fun ideas for this favorite app of mine.

xo, c