52 weeks of documenting your
everyday with teens

Throughout 2019 we will be focusing on how to document your everyday when you live with teens…because trust me, it’s a lot harder than when they were little. Join us in finding creative and meaningful ways to photograph your children when all they want to do is run in the opposite direction.

everyday life is in the details


week 01 | documenting everyday life with teens

When they were little we always took photos of them…but now that they are teens (or even adult children moving out of the house) are we still helping them tell their stories? The rules have changed, but the need is still there.


week 02 | getting them on your side

Taking photos of kids when they don’t want a photo taken isn’t any fun at all…how can you make sure to get your kiddo on your side when you’re asking for a quick pic? What rules do you want to make sure that you follow when posting those photos on social media? Read on for some great tips + tricks.


week 03 | what to document about teens

Documenting your toddler is easy…the milestones are obvious. Photographing your teen is so different in the you need to look for the moments, find creative ways to tell their stories (with their input and blessings). Here is a great list to start with…